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Dans mes paysages abstraits...

When I was little, I remember the feeling of wonder I felt contemplating a landscape, a sunset or the river flowing behind my house. The way I look at what surrounds me has evolved during my artistic journey. My inspirations are my travel memories, landscapes seen from the sky and movements in nature. I express myself through abstract art, because everyone can relate with the work in a different way, whether through the colors, the proposed shapes and the material.

Chance is very important in my approach. This is my starting point for creation. Spots of color, a string deposited with pigments, a monotype becomes a fragment of landscape to invent. My work as a plastic arts teacher leads me to explore different mixed techniques in my paintings: collage, drawing, stencil, monotype, encaustic and painting. My works contain multiple superpositions of colors in order to create reliefs and depths. Each of my works invites you to enter these precious territories and these reinvented landscapes.

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Nathalie Godard  is represented by Gallea , le4673 , Saatchi , Artogalleria

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